[BOOK] Lenin’s Imperialism in the 21st Century

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Lenin wrote Imperialism, one of his major works, amid a raging World War I. In it he described the five features of monopoly capitalism or modern imperialism: 1) the concentration of production and capital leading to monopolies that dominate the economy; 2) the merger of industrial and bank capital, translating into finance capital, that lead to the rule of finance oligarchy; 3) the export of surplus capital
to other countries, driving imperialist expansion; 4) the formation of international cartels or economic alliances that carve up the world; and 5) the complete division of the world among the imperialist powers.
In this book, Lenin’s Imperialism in the 21st Century, has been presented eight indepth chapters from eminent thinkers and authors tackling the various aspects of imperialism in the current milieu.This book has been published by Institute of Political Economy, Manila.

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